Sunday, 18 February 2007

Corn Cakes

Let me introduce you to Corn Cakes. Something new for me this year.
The thing which made me buy it was the words "0.4g Fat". It tastes like unsalted/unsweetened popcorn, shaped into a round cake.
I haven't lost any weight yet, but am very optimistic(?). I have since bought slightly salted rice cakes as well, similar, but more tastly. Just to give more variety to my otherwise boring snack...
I am begining to think what I eat with it may make more difference to the calories...


  1. hi honoka, it's kahae.
    i am still in NZ :( still studying (not very hard) but i had such a stomach ache tonight and couldn't sleep and i was watching some japanese soap opera on the internet, nodame cantabile...have you heard of it?
    anyway it's quite a sweet one so you must watch reminded me of you guys so i googled you (the main character is a pianist called megumi) also i remembered a while ago you mentioning that you guys liked the winter sonata(which i never watched)..anyway i miss UK so much and playing the violin so i hope to go back to europe as soon as i finish here. i hope all is well with you and arisa
    XX kahae

  2. Nice to hear from you! Arisa is well, we both watched most of Nodame - fun to watch! Hope to see you soon! H